"MP" Motivational Apparel Brand


"Wearing Your Confidence"

"MP" Motivational Apparel Brand

“MP” SWIM introducing Women’s ‘MP’ Swim | collection titled, “Wearing Your Confidence”. Every woman has her own unique way of feeling “sexy”. When a woman truly loves herself in totality it is transformative. The concept of this collection is to spread body positivity, regardless of a woman’s body type, shape, size, race, skintone, or height. It’s about feeling confident to show your perfections or imperfections, embracing your body, your scars, your changing body throughout the years. Feeling absolutely wanted in your own skin and owning that confidence.

"MP" Swim 👙™️ | Miami Swim Week 2021 Runway Show


One of the most glamorous swimsuits of 2021, MP Swim. This Miami swim week runway event features the latest and most glamorous swim and resort styles in a variety of designer shows filled with stunning and beautiful long-legged models.

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"MP" Swim. Designed by Marcus Peterson, “MP” Swim showcased a line of sleek and modern swimwear designed to make all women feel confident and beautiful.

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#RoyalMen Marcus Peterson - From football to fashion.

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